Your Hard Work = Cool Rewards!

You emailed, you called, you knocked on doors. Hard work deserves recognition and we want you to know just how much we appreciate participants who go the extra mile and fundraise in support of the Walk. Prizes will be awarded to all participants who meet the fundraising milestones outlined below.

We want to make sure that all donations are included in your final fundraising total, so please have all gifts delivered to the Englewood Health Foundation by midnight on October 14, 2018. All offline donations (checks and cash) must be accompanied by a note indicating the participant who should receive credit for the donation. Prizes are awarded on an individual basis and will be mailed to participants after the Walk. 

All Team Captains whose teams consist of 2 people or more and who raise at least $100 will also receive a prize on the day!


$100+ Yoga Mat!

  blue yoga mat.jpg

$500+ Be Bottle 

be bottle Proof - $500 fundraisers.png

$1,000+ Power Bank Charger


$3,000+ FitBit Flex 2