Walk for Awareness 2018


Thank you for joining us this year in a special tribute to our Dad, Paul T. Fader. Our team name, PF Flyers, comes from a sneaker he coveted as a kid, not only because he thought it was named after him (!) but because he was convinced they made him “run faster and jump higher.” In all honesty, our Dad didn’t need anything to make himself run faster and jump higher – he was quite the force of nature all by himself!

One of the things that our Dad always stressed with us is the importance of having a “purposeful life.” Co-founding the Walk for Awareness in 1999 shortly after our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer is a wonderful example of how he lived this belief himself. So when the hospital reached out to say they wanted to dedicate this year’s Walk in memory of our Dad, we knew he would have felt honored by this tribute. It is a cause he felt deeply about and a medical center he felt tremendous gratitude for.

We were so young when our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer that we don’t really have any memory of it as she going through it. What we do remember is our Mom and Dad driving through the streets of Englewood putting up pink ribbons and signs to mark the route when the Walk for Awareness was first started. Every year we’d try and guess what color the Walk shirts were going to be! Of course it was our Dad’s job to make sure there were sponsors to go on the back of the shirt! Through his hard work and the efforts of countless others in the community and this hospital, the Walk for Awareness has been a great financial success over the years. For us, the Walk has been important for a different reason. We couldn’t imagine growing up without our Mom. The treatment she received at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center gave us the opportunity to have a life with her. We want to make sure all families have that same chance with their mom’s.

Thank you again for all your support! We’ll see you at the Walk! Jack, Lucas, Morgan and Sydney Fader

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